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Aurizon Rail Feed Crane


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Semi-Automatic Feed Cranes


Design construct and commission a semi-automatic crane system to unload rail wagons of rail track and store in bays. Semi-automatic retrieval of rails loaded to the factory feed bed.

25m length of railway iron would arrive at site on rail wagons in various configurations. The operator could select pickup and set-down locations and the cranes would automatically navigate to the desired position before allowing the operators to manually grab up to 4 rails at one time. The crane would then stack these rails in neat vertical stacks using laser distance sensors over ethernet to ensure position was within mm accuracy. Rail data such as manufacturer, type, weight and set-down location is recorded for each rail in the 6 bay multi-level storage yard. Rails are then loaded from the bays to the welding facility feed bed in a similar semi-automated manner.

The system is controlled by an Allen Bradley Compact Guard Logix incorporating technologies such as safety devices and safe torque off over Wi-Fi, PTZ CCTV and laser distance sensors. Powerflex 755 drives control the hoist and long and cross travel. Operators interface with the system via wireless remotes and a FactoryTalk View SCADA application.