Solar Export Protection Control System

New Solar Export Protection Control System

Ideal for companies with large energy consumption

Installing Solar Power to existing mains boards on-site can be a complicated, untidy and expensive exercise.  Crisp Power & Control have developed, and now offer, a custom built Solar Export Protection Control System made from the highest quality Schneider products and built to utility approved specifications.

Our Solar Export Protection Control System is designed to operate during the daytime when you’re drawing energy, the system will automatically adjust the output of your Solar Inverters incrementally to maximise energy efficiency while maintaining zero export to the grid.

The use of networking communication technology is a vast improvement on previous systems that simply turned off Inverters, this wasted available solar energy in order to maintain zero export.

Crisp Power & Control’s Zero Export to Grid system can offer energy users improved Return on Investment (ROI).

Features include:

  • Zero Export to Grid
  • Custom Built to Utility Approved Specifications
  • High Quality Schneider Products
  • Anti-islanding Protection
  • Compatible with all brands of Inverter
  • Remote Access
  • Web Trending Data Logging
  • Grid Protection
  • Scalable to <1Mw
  • SCADA compatible

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